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With over 35 years of Marine Biology experience and access to our Whale, Shark and Sealife Museum, each tour is an educational and FUN experience.

Carrie runs her boat at the 10 am, 12 am and 2 pm time slots, or the even hours, and will take the first 13 people who book. Her smaller boats, 6 seaters, go out on the odd hours, 9 am, 11 am, 1pm and 3 pm and run by her other amazing captains.

Meet Koda, the Whale Watching Dog!

Carrie trained Koda to find and get excited about whales when she was a pup by taking her downwind of a gray whale and smelling the blow (smells like bad gas), seeing the whale and hearing its blow, then Carrie would excitedly say “Whale, whale, whale” and Koda connected the dots. No treats just lotsa love!”.

Follow Koda on her Adventures!

Our Businesses

Whale Watching

Trips captained by Carrie and her Expert Marine Naturalist captains. Our focus is to provide you with a safe, comfortable and especially an educational trip! Our ex-military/navy seal Zodiac boats are #1 in safety and people seldom get seasick on them.

Whale  Sealife & SHARK Museum

In 2012 the Whale, Sealife and Shark Museum opened. Carrie has been a collector of marine specimens ever since she was four years old. She want to share her love of the ocean with as many people as she could so she figured that this would be a perfect way and place to share them.

Florida Manatee Tours

Coming Soon!

We will be hosting Florida Manatee Tours soon. Stay tuned for further information.


Try our kayaking on the beautiful Salmon River. Even if you have never kayaked, we will teach you on this shallow, slow moving river in very stable kayaks. You will be able to approach wildlife within feet and they are not afraid of you! We have had friendly encounters with harbor seals right next to the kayak, river otters, bald eagles, and numerous shorebirds

Nightly Rentals

Three beautiful ‘ocean themed’ Airbnb rentals in the heart of Depoe Bay. Wake up to the sound of crashing waves and experience the true coastal lifestyle.


Located right next door, Whale Bites Café is open for breakfast and lunch. Local, fresh & delicious breakfast & lunch options! Vegan, vegetarian and celiac friendly menu, all with a beautiful view and wonderful staff that will make you feel right at home. It’s the best way to start your day!

Current Weather and Tides at WREE

Depoe Bay Bar Cam

Courtesy of NOAA